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May 02, 2008



Oh Alecto! There really are no words. May the world around you bring in more of the light this coming week. ((Hugs))


My god. How tragic!

Lisa Peet

Ohhh. I'm so sorry. Somebody's mother, somebody's daughter, somebody's love. And none of those enough.


I remember the monks doing this during Vietnam. And being both fascinated and horrified by it.

I'm sorry. I know how it touches you. It is only a matter of degrees different

love & hugs


Alecto - I read this post yesterday and tried several times to leave a comment but could not. I could not respond because every point in your post does it for me. It is sad and unbearable, but it happened. I, too, am sorry to hear of this. If it helps give your family a hug. I know it helps me. Peace.


ah, yes, the monks. I remember the monks vividly and was equally fascinated and horrified and I did think about that in my thinking about this woman. Yesterday was just terrible. I finally let go and cried all the way home over the thought of what must have finally driven her this far. I keep hearing people say, 'how could she, what was she thinking' and the really scary thing is I know exactly what and how, I really do. I also know how it can slip through the cracks. My own dear husband, during one conversation, said 'I know you would never do that because it's messy and it's public and you don't like that kind of thing' but the truth is when it gets to that kind of place none of it matters anymore. So when we look at our loved ones, our mothers and fathers, wives, husbands, sons and daughters, we cannot conceive of the possibility specifically because it is so horrible and so it slips through the cracks. I think that's what hurt me the most, the slipping through the cracks. I can remember, even when I was saying to my husband that I was in so much trouble (I was screaming, actually), he didn't do anything until it was almost too late. How could he face this horror? How could he not?

I am a babbling mess with that last bit but I think I might just have found some small bit of peace.


What a gruesome and horrible way to die. The pain that she must have been in to do that is what is most horrifying of all. I am so sorry for her children and for all of the people who loved her.

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