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June 03, 2008



Nice. Very evocative and really nicely written.


Lovelovelove this. Thank you.


Yes! Commuting can be fertile ground for all sorts of things, kind of like compost.

I like to stand close to the train when it pulls up too.


Cannondale to Stamford and back again. So you've figured out how to intra-Connecticut commute. Man, you should get an award for doing this, like a "minimizing your carbon footprint" award.

Now, about the post...A wonderfully lyrical piece about the train experience. As a railroad commuter for nearly 20 years now, the thrill of pressing my nose to the glass near a window seat or at the front of the train has lost its luster, but you've inspired a new post idea from me because it wasn't always this way. I also picked up on the part about riding between cars -- another favorite thing I used to do when I took the subway/elevated lines to Rockaway Beach many, many moons ago.

Nice post Alecto...definitely worth the wait.


Trains for me were always coal trains. We used the tracks as ways to get places on our horses first and mini-bikes later. When the trains would come, wow, incredibly powerful. I never ever stood so close but I loved waving to the men working on the trains. I think they all had horses.

And your commentors are all right -- lovely, evocative post.


You make riding the train sound romantic and exciting.

What a lovely piece. Makes me wish I had a train to ride ;).


Kitt and Annette - thank you, I enjoyed writing it even if it did take forever to get back to it.

Lisa - I really want to go back to the books though, it's the only uninterupted time I get and it's wonderful!

Spartacus - I'm definitely not the only one doing it and I'm hoping it will catch on. I'd like to see a couple more stations, just small platforms really, added along this particular spur. I would love to read whatever you've got to write about trains. My maternal grandfather was an attorney for the St. Louis RR and had a very long and very passionate love affair with trains (and somehow they named a tug boat after him and I'm STILL trying to make the connection). My paternal grandfather had a love affair with all things train and memorized half of the train routes and schedules through Europe. That might be where the OCD comes from, now that I think of it.

CG - they had horses on the train?

Wendy - it is exiting in a very visceral sort of way, but then the entire commute is from the 5.5 mile drive with no one else on the road to the shuttle races in the morning and the evening. I'm having a very good time.


Now I want to ride the train...just because...your trains sound more fun than my trains.

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