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July 03, 2008



Well, that sounds like a fine day indeed.

Happy Fourth to you, too.


I love how you don't just say it all happened, like Hemmingway in his matter-of-fact, journalistic style. I love how you describe the details of your experiences as if you're Faulkner and weaving a story, not just relating the facts of your day off. It's beautiful and poetic.

Sounds like you had a happy "day before Independence Day." I hope your 4th was as nice as your 3rd ;).


Sorry for getting here so late. Sounds like you had a great day with the little one. Hope your weekend was just as nice.


So beautiful, that day, and your retelling of it..


oh crap. I just responded to all of you and now it's gone. OK, here we go again.

Kitt and Madeline - it was wonderful.

Spartacus - yeah, kind of like yours maybe?

Wendy - thank you. Seriously. I often feel a bit Hemingwayish in my communication in what is often abruptly frank and to the point. None of my life, with the exception of some really horrific parts that I tend to block, feels that way.

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