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August 12, 2008


Ridge Walker

It loads great for me. I really want to hear Nomans cluck. If I bring a nice bottle of wine and promise not to laugh . . . ?


Omigosh, what pretty girls! I'm totally envious. Do you think I can keep chickens in the Bronx? Actually I know for a fact that someone on the block above mine has one as a pet, but I'm not too sure the neighbors wouldn't drag out the zoning book if we set up a coop in the back yard.

I can do a really good turkey call but you have to get me drunk first.


by half is MUCH faster, and what's more, manageable! I don't have to leave your window open while I go about my other business and come back after lunch! (that's hyperbole btw)

I LOVE the gate! And I once found acorn squash growing in the horse's field. I called them my Fukuoka squash.


Isn't that funny? My husband didn't want chickens. He was even angry with me and didn't talk to me for a while after I brought them home, and now, he's the one who feeds them every morning and "puts them to bed" at night. Too funny!


RW - he even coos and he doesn't need any form of alcohol to get him going. I'm going to try to sneak up on him and record some of it and then see if I can't get him to let me post it.

Lisa - I'm betting you could keep one or two as pets, leave them out during the day and then bring them in at night. They make indoor coops which look like those dog kennels used for shipping (and also look very easy to hose out) that might solve your problem with zoning. Also, since you do actually have a raccoon family in that tree in your back yard it's probably best they come in at night anyway. The Rhode Island Reds I have are very quiet at night.

The dog, by the way, is terrified of them. All they have to do is cluck assertively in his general direction and he tucks his little stub of a tail between his legs and scuttles away quickly.

CG - glad it's working! Fukuoka like the city?

Wendy - But you got him to build the coop, right? (and no hammer throwing?)


the same except it is a person's name, Masanobu Fukuoka and he wrote a brilliant book called One Straw Revolution. Don't take it TOO seriously because he and all his followers are VERY skinny, but some wonderful deep thinking to open up a brain and one's view of food.


Ah, ok, I get it and I also understand why his followers might be quite skinny indeed. So yeah, it's a Fukuoka squash and there's lots of Fukuoka lettuce too!

david bass dancy

I am finally returning


Alecto - I hope I never get invited to your place. You may be missing one of those beautiful birds after I'm gone... and a few tomatoes, too. ;^)


I also wanted to say that sometimes, when the light is all wrong, it is just perfect.


Alecto - You been given an award at my site. Enjoy!

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