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October 21, 2008



I think these tell an even better story. Especially the one with only your eyebrow (what WERE you doing down there? well, whatever, he was happy about it)


You are both very adorable. So is the puppy.


Three years is a lot! That's what we've got, plus some change. Many lifetimes can be lived by two people in three years...

And congratulations. You both look happy.


Congratulations and wishes for many more years of love and laughter.


CG - yeah, I kind of warned him about that one but he's still smiling!

Amy - thank you! And two of us are house broken. I think. Yeah, mostly.

Lisa - yes, entire lifetimes. I have trouble remembering when he wasn't here. I'm thankful for that.

Pamela - thank you, we can all use as many of those as possible!


Congrats to you and NoMans. May you enjoy many more happy years together.


Except for the eye color, you both have the same face. So cute. You ever notice how inevitable that is?


Spartacus - thank you, I'm counting on it.

CC - you know what? I just noticed that. Kinda freaky.

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