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November 19, 2008


Jerry Critter

Hey, if you see some old guy lurking around your place, but better lock him up. It will be me looking to snatch myself a little doggie!


I think it is good to be able to crate a dog of any size because they are pack animals used to sleeping in caves and so being cosy and packed in is comforting to them. But being a dog lover myself I know it seems antithetical to crate an animal!


How can I say this?
The Crate Is Your Friend.
It is your dog's friend, too. It is a valuable training device, and you should use the partition thingy.
My dog was essentially house trained in ONE day. He loves the crate. It is a comforting space for him, and he still likes to retreat to it, at the age of almost five years. (we keep it open)
Good luck.


ok, sorry, I was unclear and really should clarify the crate thing. First, I am a firm, firm believer in crates for the very young to the very old. I do not think it's unkind, I think it's compulsory. My mother, who comments out here frequently and will no doubt chastize me up one side and down the other for even putting him in an elephant cage, is a breeder of large dogs (do bulldogs REALLY count? OK, the woof hound and the rotties count) and we have always crated our dogs. Common wisdom amoung the giant breeds suggests that crating or any confinement in a small space can be debilitating and is best just not done. Now, Mom is happy with 80 uncivilized bulldogs in her house because she likes dogs better than people anyway (I'm right behind you, Mom). I, on the other hand, need to survive this guy. So, into the crate, oversized or not, he goes.


Jeeze, JC, he's not, um, little by any stretch of the imagination but he sure would love to slobber all over you!


Well, see, I didn't know that about the giant breeds. :P
My bad.
My little feller is seven pounds.


oh, he goes in the crate anyway.

7 pounds?


I'm surprised he has pottied in the crate more than a couple of times. It can't be pleasant to sit in. But maybe he'll catch on one of these days.

If you can teach him "place" with a bathmat, you won't be as dependent on the crate later. i.e. the mat is his "place," and when you tell him "Go to your place," he goes to it and stays there until you release him. It's handy because you can transport a bathmat more easily than a crate.

Are you going to work with a trainer? As big as he is, the sooner the better!

He's such a doll!


Forgive me, but the pic makes me think like Hustler magazine, gay dog version.

Yes, I have serious mental problems.


Kitt - and even better? My mother has these portable crate things that are actually just pup tents (hahahah). She came to visit with the woof hound and at least two of the bulldogs and they all slept in the living room in their own little pup tents which were pretty much small versions of the popup tent thing my kids had. Yes on the trainer if I can find one in this area I don't want to throttle.

Lewis - well yes. Exactly. And did I mention the fact that Simon and Homer had to have their, um, living quarters, um, sleeping quarters moved to the lower level? There's a reason for that. Also, there's nothing like watching a 22 pound 8 year old rat terrior humping the head of a 40 pound fluff ball who would hump him back in a heart beat if he could just work out how. (I know, WAY TMI)


OK first, he is peeing in the crate because he can't help it. Some breeds get bladder control a lot later than others. With my bullies, it happens at about 2 years. With the lab it happened before we got him at 7 weeks. All you with normal dogs, like Kit, forget everything you know!

He can only wait so long. If you need to leave him alone longer than that, like over night, you have to give him a bathroom. If you will build a space for him that has a sleep space and a pee space, he will be clean. if you force him to sleep in his pee & poop, he will, and you will never get him trained. When he is old enuf to wait, he will unless you force him to be a dirty dog.

PetEdge sells x=Pens very inexpensively: you only need the 24" high ones. Use 2 or 3. Build a top frame with PVC piping and tiewraps to hold it to the x-pen to keep it from colapsing. I use Naugahyde for the floor on carpet, or a tarp. Wood shavings work great for the potty area. Old towels, old blankets for a sleep area. Yes, he's going to eat them so they get tossed every week or so.

A Halti or a gentle leader (never used the latter, don't really know if they work) When the Woofie took me body surfing in PetsMart I bought a Halti on the spot. Body surfing is when you're gliding down the aisles on your stomach because you are NOT letting the dog go and he now weighs more than you do. This is not an exageration folks. It's what happens with the big'uns at about 6 mos.. It is not easy when you're 69+ like me.

Sweet Alecto, you have a horse! Treat him like one!

I am NOT against crate training. My dogs can all be confined by a fabric crate that wouldn't confine a cat that wanted out for long. But long periods in any crate will absolutely destroy the baby'ss muscle tone, which in a giant breed, means destroying his joints. It will cripple him for life. 2 x-pens, or maybe 3, will be enuf to keep him out of trouble and let him move.

End of rant.



I have no advice re crate training -- I've never done crates myself, and while I understand logically it's a good idea, and the dogs like it, I never quite got used to it and we haven't had any problems stemming from that (then again, Dorrie is not much for obsessive testing of limits. However, I DO recommend good obedience classes. He's a big boy and there's nothing more charming than a big boy with wonderful manners.

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