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December 27, 2008



Sleep with the dogs, fer dogs' sake!!

My mom has loads of stuff she promises me I can have when she dies. And I like to remind her that of course I can have it when she dies. She'll be dead. She won't be there to deny it to me. My husband has miraculously extracted a few things from her by rationally asking, "Why can't she have it now?"


CC - I did. And while Simon was marginally nervous all night (apparently this guy REALLY likes his routine and his routine is in the elephant crate at night with Homer (yes they sleep together, the littlish ingrates)) Homer curled up almost catlike on my pillow just under my chin. Somehow he knows and while there were many painful wakeups we did all sleep until nearly 8 AM, full doggie bladders and all.

Lisa Peet

I am a big fan of sleeping with dogs -- they always have a big grin for you first thing in the morning. Cats maybe not so much, but the purring is good. Anything warm and furry.

Take care.


One moment at a time is the key.
Thank God for children, friends and dogs.
Take care of yourself.


What is it with barbers and dressmakers? When my dad met my mom after migrating from Puerto Rico, that's exactly what they were. That's a beautiful piece of china and how you manage to keep such a gorgeous place with two kids and a huge-ass dog confounds me. And, I don't know if my wife would go for having me sleep with the dog. He sheds too damn much.


Spartacus - I don't sleep with dogs as a rule. I think it sets a terrible precedent and you're right, my husband would object strenuously if he were actually here to do that.

The china is well put away. It will be safe.

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