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January 22, 2014



Hmmm. Seems you two have a lot more talking to do, and get FB the hell out of the middle of it. Says the woman whose best friend stopped talking to her immediately after 'I do' and started again after the divorce was final.

Oh, I don't do FB, in case you can't tell, so I guess I don't get the importance of having a relationship defined by FB profiles. To each their own. I do understand the importance of being validated in public. I once was the 'other woman' in a way that was all the clasic connotations, and I know it is a painful way to go. In my case he wasn't separated until the night he moved in with me, so I had no legitimacy at all. It ended badly, of course. Separated prior is a whole different place, but a lot of the same baggage. Congrats on getting unpacked.


I love you for writing this, for putting the nuance and fluctuation into words. The last six months I feel like I've been peeling my skin off slowly in quarter inch strips. XO


Red flag. I mean, that's just the way I'm experiencing this post. And I am a bull so I'm sensitive to them . . .


hmmmm...ya, what CG said. Red Flag...some kind of flag. Warning...Danger. Well...maybe not, but do listen to the signals and work on them.

Don't want to get anecdotal...but I was kind of there. I dated someone I liked very much in college. But I was not going in the same direction at the same time. She married someone else...we met again. Things happened...she disappeared. I married someone else for not enough of the right reasons, I guess. Divorce. And then after so many years, she was back. Marriage number two for her. Very unhappy...and...well...she was going to leave was all about ten years ago. I don't even think of it much anymore. Once,for all the wrong reasons was enough for me.
I send her a Christmas email every year. That's it. Perhaps I will stumble into someone, someday...and the right reasons will show up at the right time. Just listen to the hoof beats and make sure you do not get run over in the stampede.

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