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August 19, 2016



1. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hurricane_Bob

2. HARMONIC CONVERGENCE. On THIS EXACT SAME DAY (19AUG1991) (no kidding!) I married my first wife. I am quite sure it was not at the exact same time (pretty sure the ID courthouse is not open at 116a local time) - if I had to guess, marriage #1 was noonish your time. It cost use zactly $28 to get married.

I suspect I may not ever organically remember birthdays for The Music Man or Alecto or Elizabeth (That's.Why.God.Invented.MS.OFFICEOUTLOOK) but I am sure I will remember Lucia's birthday forever, now.


Boy, 'they' wouldn't let you go eleven days past now; not these days. Doctors have to go on vacations and such so the child must be punctual, and if not, they take it out, on their schedule and at their convenience. Used to be, kids came out when they were ready.

Why don't you hug her and tell her those things? Even if she is 'headstrong'. I know she's become an independent woman now, and beautiful, but don't you think everyone needs hugs and reinforcement? Trying to understand, is all. Tell me if its noneya.


Geez. Whatta Day.

1. TEFKASM and #1 Wife got married (don't find this online - YAY)
2. Your #1 Daughter says hi. (don't find this online - YAY)
3. The Evil Empire kind'a disappears. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/1991_Soviet_coup_d%27%C3%A9tat_attempt
4. Bob appears. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hurricane_Bob


Jules - Mike went 16 days late in 1986 and I don't even want to think about how much castor oil I ingested in an attempt to get him to leave after about day 12. When Lucia was showing signs of being just as late, not to mention a whole lot bigger, the castor oil was accompanied by 1. forced four mile hikes through the woods (dragging that poor kid and his father) and 2. driving as far away from the hospital as I could stand in an effort to scare myself into labor. Nothing worked. They both showed i[ when they were good and ready. I am thankful Elizabeth was only two days late. At day 6 or 7 there would have been the pit drip followed by the cut when that didn't work well enough to do anything other than put her under distress.

With regard to what I tell or do with Lucia (I'm liking this name, she's outgrown Cletus), I have to choose when and where or I think she questions what she's hearing. Headstrong is GOOD. I didn't mean to suggest it was anything else :), just that we have more positive words for those same traits in men. I really hope she gets this job because she'll have a very different source of evidence suggesting she's 'good' and competent.

When I think about the years between 2007 and 2012 I am stunned not only that she managed to pull herself out of what looked like a very black hole, but she stood up by herself, jumped out of the very safe nest I made at the end of those years, looked around and took off running.


TEFKASM - Those are indeed the four biggest events of that day in history. Both of the older kids have those framed lists you can buy listing what happened the day they were born. Her's is by far the most entertaining. I can't remember if we had power at the farm when I took her home but I do recall being out of power between approximately November 21 - November 27 or 28 and it freaking snowed! We had a kerosene lantern in the living room (young and dumb-isa) where I managed to light my bathrobe on fire while pacing with the kid in an effort to raise my overall body temp. We took lengthy outages for granted at that point (sort of how I do now) and weren't much bothered by it. Except for the snow. I found that rather irritating. Mike was born on November 11.

I think it's hilarious that you refer to the lovely Mrs. TEFKASM as Wife #1.


On November 11, 1986, Sperry Rand and Burroughs merged to form "Unisys," becoming the second largest computer company. Unisys was later delisted on the NYSE when its shares fell below $1. I don't believe that's what got itself temporarily delisted for "its role in a Pentagon procurement scandal by pleading guilty to fraud and bribery and agreeing to pay $190 million in damages, penalties, and fines." I haven't found anything to verify the delist but I was selling the stuff at the time and sales came to a dead halt for a while. I'm fairly certain this was toward the end of 1990 because Lucia hadn't arrived yet and we were four years past Black Monday.


Kind of explains why my Unisys proprietary knowledge became worthless around 2006. And I so wanted that job with the money movers.

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