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August 22, 2016



Ok, is it Lu-see-a, or Lu-chi-a? I want to say it right in my mind. I am so used to Cletus. You three are just beautiful!


Actually, that should be Lu-chee-a.


Yes, it should be Lu-chee-a if it is Italian or some other Mediterranean country. If you are much farther north it should be Lu-sha although there is some controversy over this as well. On December 13, Lucia brings light. I believe it is the youngest daughter who gets up at 4 AM and makes the St. Lucia buns for the family. She wears a wreath with burning candles on her head. I have actually seen photographs of my brother's first wife doing this at about 11 or 12. She is not Lucia though. Lucia was one of my riding instructors when I was probably 14 and I loved her and loved the name. I think it is easier to call Cletus, Lucia now because she is twenty-five and so far away from that fifteen year old who needed all the humor she could find. I do still refer to her as Cletus Marie periodically. :)


Oddly enough, Elizabeth who's first name is Ailish comes from another pony club rider. She was too much younger for me to know her well but I absolutely loved the name and that kid was hard core. Got rolled by her horse coming down a very steep hill, spent about six months in the hospital and six months after that was right back on a new horse going down that same hill. I didn't know another Ailish (Ay-lish) until just before she was born. The correct spelling of this very old Gaelic name is Elis but I couldn't see how we were ever going to make that fly. Most people have trouble with her name as it is.


Lu-chee-a it is then!

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