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March 05, 2017



I have to say, I like the bright, colorful original best. It's so much darker now. Good job tho, Lisette.


It's funny, I expected to have a divided house here but everyone jumped on the Lisette boat. Maybe they're just not paying attention to the original. I like Zee's version as well and it suits his personality well. He's got at least thirty if not forty years on Lisette and this sort of rugged biker look to him so this softer, gentler colorful thing made sense to me. I was severely damaged at the time and that's what he gave me. I do miss it. I love Lisette's work and what she gave me specifically because it jumps right off the page, or the skin really and isn't afraid to take up a good deal of space which as a woman is something many or most of us struggle with all our lives. In missing Zee's original, what I remember is that in a few years Lisette's work will have faded back to Zee :-) Mostly.

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