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July 01, 2017



One of the reasons I like working here is that I get to wear Tori Richard and Guy Harvey shirts; and I don't care but I'm going to wear LL Bean Bison Oxford shoes forever since I don't get Plantar Fasciitis with them.

As for the ladies - NWU-3s. Hair - if long - almost always in a tight bun. Never noticed makeup. They all dress pretty similarly.


Ha. Change earrings every six to twelve months? Check.
Eyeliner? Maybe four times a year - when in the office and need the power look - presentations and meetings.

Pantyhose? Oh.Hell.No. Can't even remember the last time. Luckily I get to work from a home office, but even when going to NY or Philly or London? Nope. Not happening.

And I've recently gotten really into the Skorts from Title Nine. Must be the tomboy in me.

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