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October 28, 2017



John should find a gardener to take care of his dome.


Well, you do know he is a gardener, how could he not be a gardener? In high school he worked at a local nursery in the landscaping section and was specifically responsible for the well being of anything bigger than a perennial. John wasn't small but he was tall and rangy and lacked those broad shoulders you'd want in the landscaping business. He got the job because he had this massive pickup which could be loaded full of god knows what and hauled all over Fairfield County. In any event, John does practice the fine art of practicality. He's a freaking Washington Bureaucrat! My deepest fear is he's going to prune one of those things to death in his panic. Really, I think he needs to let go of what's outlived its usefulness and set some new anchors.


Hello, my name is "Not."

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