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January 06, 2018



Sweet video. That wedding is a little like our wedding but ours was downscale not upscale like this one. If I ever forget our anniversary, I just search for the date of the Soviet Union's coup. Our wedding and marriage have been memorable. Just.Like.That.

It was the _____ county courthouse. Don't remember for sure what I wore. Think I remember what she wore but should ask to confirm. Cost me $28 - coincidentally, zactly what I had in my wallet at the time. I've been paying ever since.

Honeymoon (ended the day before the wedding) was far more memorable - about 6 days / 5 nights backcountry backpacking with friends in legendary terrain. Mountains, hot springs, bighorn sheep - it doesn't get better than that. Unless / perhaps / you jump out of your perfectly good airplane during your honeymoon (we didn't).

Side note: $28 for the wedding is ~10% of the $20s and other (stuff) her heathens ate today. Maybe I'll wash them up when they come out and send the remnants to Treasury and see what I get back. Or maybe I'll donate the sack to Alecto who can do that task.

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