One-Line Bio

Just another ambulatory meat suit looking for a dance with the pinball wizard, and you?


Blog DOB: January 3, 2007

Status update: August 23, 2018
Last update, February 26, 2017
Last update before that, March 25, 2016
before that? who the hell knows.


I write, you read. I used to keep twenty rolling posts published at all times and the rest of the blog archived but then I decided to loosen up and republish some of it. Randomly. Periodically I go back and clean up. By clean up I mean I unpublished chunks of recent history. Why? Because after nearly twelve years I get a little spooked with that much of my life sitting out here. It just feels weird, that's all.

This is a vulnerable site. I do my damn best to tell the truth, or my version of it anyway. The whole point of my writing is about the truth, mine, yours, his, hers, and theirs as experienced through my skin and that, people, is some vulnerable shit.

It starts to feel raw after the second million words.

This bio is updated approximately twice a year (apparently not). It used to contain personal information (about me). In 2017 I no longer felt compelled to share. I figure if you don't pick it up in the context of my gonzo style writing, laying it out in an about me section won't make much of a difference.

I can be contacted directly at alectosophelia at yahoo dot com

This is a good way to communicate with me if:

1. You're feeling the need or desire to communicate something you wouldn't want in the comment thread, good, bad, or indifferent. That's what the address is for. I am accessible. Also, I've been told I'm very nice :)


2. You're feeling particularly offended and need to tell me directly. Putting that sort of communication in a comment thread has been known to cause distress to other readers which is unpleasant and unnecessary. Since this isn't FaceBook or any other form of social media, I do still actually have control of the content (last I checked) and I retain the right to censor the comment strings. It's been a long time since I felt the need but that's what the email's for :)

Please and thank you.

Significantly condensed version of the last familial update:

Three children:

Michael - 11/10/86
Lucia - 8/19/91
Elizabeth - 12/11/00

When this blog was born they were 20, 15, and 6. Today they are 31, 27, and 17.

Michael walks alone. Make up whatever you like about those words but they will most likely be inaccurate. Of all my children, his sense of right and wrong in the world and his willingness to come to a hard stop and think a thing all the way through is astonishing, breathtaking. It's enough to break your heart if you let it, which would also involve thinking a thing all the way through with him.

Lucia was married on July 14 (it is currently 2018 in the event that I don't ever come back here because I have the attention span of a flea). She is a grad student and will probably finish up in about 2.5 years. That will include her internship in a psych hospital. If she manages to not have a baby before then, a lot of people are going to lose a lot of money. To her. We are all going to owe a lot of money to her. This is probably why she will win. For the money. Cold hard cash on the barrel wins every time with that woman. She's been a starving student for a lot of years.

Elizabeth moved into a freshman dorm yesterday. My house is empty. Hard stop.

I'll be back in a few years.