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Blog DOB - January 2, 2007
Bio update - September 22, 2020

This is a public blog. My name is Heather and I'm pretty easy to find. The name, Alecto, is associated with all public posts and has been since the start of blog time. It's too late to change it now.

History: Alecto was a password assigned by the guy who set up an access account. I liked the name and found a way to keep it. Ophelia was one of my mother's dogs. My mother is fond of the ridiculous (me too). A spastic bulldog named Ophelia was too good to pass up. The combination of those two names is epic. Think about it.

There are 2000+ posts on this site. Those words represent nearly 14 years of my life. At the moment, the public archives display one post per month through the current month and year, at which point they start to roll off.

My name is public; however, in the interest of privacy, many names have been changed or altered to protect the innocent.

I have three grown children. Mike, Lucia, and Elizabeth. In one form or another, all three names are accurate. Mike will be 34 in November, Lucia turned 29 in August, and Elizabeth will be 20 in December.

My father remarried when I was twenty. Referring to his wife as 'step-mother' made absolutely no sense. There is no name in this language that describes my relationship with the woman who married my father. She is my 'S****', Not my sister, not my mother, not my auntie, not my cousin, not my step-mother. She is my 'S'. S has a mother as well (imagine that). S's mother is C. I am immensely fond of C.

I'm not good at Wife, so I don't play that game anymore. It ended in tears and sometimes worse every time, so I threw in the towel.

Note: 'We' (my family and I) kept my second husband because we like him a lot. He's been amenable to the keeping since 2003 and shows every sign of having kept us as well. Sometimes I use a name, but most times, he is just Elizabeth's Dad, which is a very good thing to be.

You can reach me directly at

Be safe. Wear your mask. Wash your hands.