The Intake
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Sweet Sunday











































It's been awhile since we had Sunday around here. Wait, Sunday always happens, right? Maybe I should call up Tom Robbins and ask his opinion about time (I'm working my way through all of his books again; it's been long enough and it's time).

So given tradition, especially if you're new here, I should explain what you see in the picture. Or you can leave it all up to imagination except in my case, I might be more fun.

First there's the back brace. Isn't it cute? My sixteen year old daughter says I look 'smexy' in it. Smexy? Well all righty then. Smexy it is. I have the brace on because of what I and that dog were doing with that mammoth pile of dirt yesterday. OK, NoMans helped too (a lot) but he doesn't seem to be suffering. The dog will tell you he's suffering if he knows what's good for him (loyalty in a dog is everything). Anyway, I'm wearing the brace over a camisole that I wore under a rather bulky sweater when I went to be fitted at Ye Olde Surgical Supply Store and Apothecary that opened up just for me because my pharmacist knows that pharmacist and I looked darn well pathetic when I walked into my pharmacy this morning under the delusion that they might have a brace to fit me (not being a surgical supply store or anything of the kind). The brace is helping me. A lot. Notice the smile.

Also, see the dried roses above the sink? The first batch were from my husband. He bought them at the supermarket on the way to pick me up from the hospital on Valentine's day. There were actually two bunches which is why there are two colors in that group. Next are some pink roses. My mother sent those. She never sends flowers, it's just not her style. But she loves me and it was the only thing she could think to do in the moment. And you know what? Because of all that, they were perfect. The next three bunches I bought myself from Whole Foods Market on the way back from group one week at a time. I hung them when they got old because I loved the colors in the window. And to remind myself that I matter. That last batch is half a string of smoked garlic. It was imported from somewhere and I bought it without thinking. I am ashamed but keep it there as a reminder that fuel don't come cheap. Sometimes I use it but I want it to last. Mostly I use the garlic that comes out of New York State. Pretty soon I'll have my own.

Now back to what I'm doing. I made two batches of Sunday sauce today. The first is with meat and the second without. The first is in the process of becoming Lasagna which is Tuesday's dinner and the second will cover some frozen meatballs I made months ago that will be for Thursday. The fish is farm raised Tilapia and I'm not sure (still working my way though The Omnivore's Dilemma) exactly how I feel about that. It's going to marinate in some olive oil, the juice of two lemons, pepper, cilantro purloined from some of my healthier seedlings and a good amount of garlic. Trust me, it can handle the garlic. It can also handle cheese which just boggles my mind. We will also be having a chicken from which I will make the stock which will feed the next batch of Sunday sauce and so on and so on. I'm using canned tomatoes now too. I gave up. Better to buy the organic canned then the organic hothouse. I don't know why I think that but there you go.

I laid out the plans for my garden today. I am so excited I could just about throw my back out again thinking about it. I have never given myself permission to use this much of the lawn. Back yard? What back yard? Never mind the deer, I'm putting up those rather unattractive U-posts and hooking up some seven foot (he - the hot guy at the lumber yard - SWEARS to the seven feet - and I did have to ask him - 'does that work if you have a gun or if you do not have a gun because I live in Weston and if I shoot the critters I'm going to have some 'splaining to do') anti critter mesh (replaced chicken wire apparently and will also support my cukes, peas and morning glory). Hows that for some parentheticals?

Which leads me to the next nanny. Holy cow am I ever excited! She looks like Barbie (I will probably forgive her) but her biggest concerns were about the food (mom bakes all the bread and they don't buy processed anything and she's a bit concerned about peak oil) and being a member of the family, i.e., cooking, chores, fitting in and all that. I about creamed my jeans and you'll all pardon my momentary lapse. Especially if you've followed the last year.

God is Good. Amen. May we all move on now.

Happy Sunday all - back brace aside, I'm having a happy day.

Love, Alecto