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April 26, 2008



Nice. I'm glad there's a payoff for all the farting misery.


Great post, from farting to breath-catching moments of grace. I just put "Let it Be" (two versions) on my playlist last night and I just wrote (briefly, nothing exciting) about going over the Brownie to G-Scout bridge, in last night's post. I would totally lose it if I heard bunch of younguns singing Let it Be, even if none of them were mine.


I must say, that was a good post. I know my parents spent lots of agonizing times in choir concerts waiting for me to come out and do my thing. Those are tough times...but it sounds like it was worth it in the end.

BTW, I hope cletus continues on her merry way through music - it will be worth it.


I love hearing voices singing together. Nothing better. Having your kid sing is probably the best. When the girl played her piano, I used to love listening.


Kitt - so am I! All of the others are much more, um, environmentally healthy.

Madeline - it was breath taking and wonderful and makes up for a lot!

Sudie - I think she will stick with it for awhile. She really does have a beautiful voice and it took her quite a few years to get over the shyness (she used to stand up there and mouth the words). Little Girl actually hummed entire theme songs (Sesame Street and strangely anything by the Beatles) and then sang (more Beatles - I swear I did NOT overplay) before she ever talked so we think we're going to spend quite a lot of time in those bleachers.

Amy - I love the dance recitals too. Cletus quit about three years ago and it was just the saddest thing for both of us. Little Girl will probably go another six or eight years before she hangs up her shoes.

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