Passing by the open windows
When we all still lived in the castle

Dancing with the E Generation

I don't know what the E Generation really means because I've heard all kinds of things but I'm ready to settle on one that works for me. I'm going to call it the Entitled Generation. Other people call it the Trophy Generation in that all kids are created equal and all kids have the right to the same trophy, no losers, just winners and for Pete's sake, no consequences. As an aside I suspect there's no small amount of pain and anger moving across the country as jobs are lost, cars sold or repossesed and tuitions forfeit, never mind that cell phone or Gucci bag.

I digressed though and I also feel the need to mention that even with the 'light' editor, Typepad still sucks. You see I do feel entitled to a specific level of service and I also realize I have a right to go elsewhere if my vendor fails to meet my needs. Still digressing.

I am amazed at how fast it all went downhill. I posted last Thursday and a number of you were as horrified as I was about the weeks events but it really never occurred to me that we'd have to terminate our contract. You see, no matter how much garbage you have to work out with an Au Pair or Nanny relationship you do everything in your power to make it work unless the kid's unhappy. You do this because your kid loves the nanny and the nanny loves the kid. In most cases this is not disputable.

Here's how it played out. On Friday our Au Pair called our community counselor and met for coffee at about the same time Nomans and I broke down and agreed that we had to let the counselor know what had happened while assuring her that we were nearly certain the relationship could be salvaged but that we felt obligated to share some of the information we had, including photographs, about the consumption of alcohol by underage Au Pairs. We were not ratting out other Au Pairs, just our own really.