Mean Girls, Fast Food and Floating on My Back
For the love of a dog

Potatoes in real time - or where mud puppies really come from

I'm tired. It's good to be tired. No narration, just a few points.

  1. Pale blue clothing in the garden is NOT a bad idea as long as you power wash yourself and your clothing before you go in the house. That's prewash for the washer and the shower.
  2. There is no beer in the Corona box. But it had beer in it yesterday. We drank it at Lucia's 18th birthday party. Not Lucia though, because she's only 18. Poor Lucia and poor Lucia's friends. What's in the Corona box is the last of the tomatoes to make it through the 2009 blight.
  3. It was pouring when I came in. I only came in because Lucia said it was thundering and lightening and I'm not allowed to play in lightening storms.
  4. With regard to those potatoes on the ground, they don't grow that way, the photos are posted in the order they were taken, don't get excited.
  5. I had to kill a sick baby broiler chick that wasn't going to make it today. I found out that snapping the neck of a full grown chicken is a lot easier than snapping the neck of a four week old broiler chick. It's poor little neck didn't snap. It just twisted all the way around and he suffered horribly and didn't die. I went to the chopping block and corrected my error immediately. I'm still sorry. Oh, and there aren't any pictures of that.
  6. The bracelet I'm wearing in the photos doesn't come off and it's just about the only piece of jewelry I wear anymore. It's Alecto proof and I bought it for myself. It's perfect.
  7. In the battle of the weeds versus the strawberry plants - the weeds looked like they were winning but those strawberry plants are crafty little buggers!


So here goes:




















That's it. Those last five shots are completely gratuitous. And that's OK as long as it inspires you to go dig in the dirt. Do it. Do it now.(at least I didn't publish the ones Lucia probably should not have taken)

Grow something. Grow anything. And then eat it.