Where the walls are thin - Part 1
The Flashlight

Just released from Blogger Jail

OK, really, I got arrested by the Blogger Police for failing to post in a timely manner and then the whole situation was exacerbated by the fact that I had to await trial which meant all blogging privileges were suspended. I'm currently out on my own recognizance mostly because their funding's been cut this year and they needed the resources for bigger issues (like people who lock up their blogs when they decide to take a sabbatical (and you know who you are, Spartacus (Amy's off the hook on this one).)pending further investigation. Meanwhile I'll post as often as possible so that maybe they'll think I'm reformed and just drop it already. I have a perfectly good excuse. I'm lazy.

Florkowand I went to Costa Rica last week on a Bikram yoga retreat. Really it should have been called bootcamp. Two sessions per day every day and Florkow hasn't exactly been the poster child for Bikram commitment (I think she's gone three times in maybe the last six months and I admit to embellishing but not THAT much). And this is not embellishment: the last time Florkow posted was September 25, 2009. It's entirely possible she's had her credentials removed.

Back to Bikram Bootcamp. We had a really great week. Might have been my best vacation ever if you can call it that. I don't know. Vacation. I'm not sure what that really means anymore. This was like going to camp again where you bond instantly with your bunk mates and spend a week in the mountains doing only wonderful things whenever you feel like it. Except it's better than camp because the food was amazing and there wasn't a single sighting of bug juice the entire seven days. Also, nobody got seriously cranky or mad at anyone best I could tell. A little cranky now and then is just more flavor I think.

I have a LOT of Bikram Bootcamp stories. Too much to tell for a single entry; it would get lost in the telling I think. Blog entries are not meant to be short stories; nobody except the most die hard would ever make it to the end. So here's what's coming by current title:

  1. Where's Waldo?
  2. What the Hell Did You People Pack?!
  3. Personal Hygiene
  4. Watsu
  5. Banana Paper
  6. Ziplines, Crocodiles and Black Sand
  7. The Flashlight
  8. Why am I Here?
  9. My Skin is Coming off in Chunks

Hmmm. That's a lot of posting. Might have to combine a few.

Florkow, this is NOT a cheat, I really do have to go back to work Florkow is waiting somewhat impatiently for me to get to The Flashlight.

Links to Florkow: a not so subtle hint.

(each post will have at LEAST one photo) (There are, however, no photos of the actual flashlight involved. I may have to come up with a substitute so you get the picture though)