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April 20, 2017



I'm glad to hear you both got so much out of the trip.


Yes, I suppose we did. I can't help hoping they weren't too much of a pain in the ass while they were there and that while I recognize a certain percentage of them made a herculean effort the other percentage was, well, making another sort of impact. As an organized aggregate they reminded me of a hive of some sort, bees, ants, any kind like that. They moved this absolutely terrifying mountain of dirt, a good amount of which had become hard pack down to a flat, level surface which then became floor. I did wonder what the hell they were going to be able to do.

However, I am most blown away I think, by the afternoon she spent sitting on a stool in the shop watching the man paint and sell leather binders. That he let her sit there, that she was transfixed enough to forget shopping with her friends, that she listened long enough to pick up a little more Spanish in context.

I'm afraid to ask if she'll want to go back because I'd want her to say no, I'd rather go somewhere else and my wanting has nothing to do with this.


May I suggest Duolingo on the internet as a free way to learn/remember Spanish.

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