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July 28, 2018



You ok? I'm still here, reading. I just have little experience with what you are going through right now as I don't have kids. But I'm here, reading, and noticing that you haven't posted in a bit.


I am OK. I can actually tell when you're reading, you come through your blog :) although technically that could be your readers through the hotlink. TyepPad took away the breadcrumbs little by little and finally when most people went to readers it vanished. All that was left was a single backslash to mark the entry point and count the hits. There is a single entry point of note associated with an old subscription service that technically isn't even available anymore and if I didn't know who that belonged to I would only note that it was a repeat anonymous. Once upon a time, many years ago before civilians (by that, I mean, non-IT) thought much about privacy, ip addresses scrolled down the page and if they had the audacity to be static then all it took was a single skip trace. You could block them too. I remember a map widget for your sidebar that lit up all of the entry points around the world as the ip addresses registered. That didn't last long. Damn you, Dubya and Co. You ruined it for all of us! Now everybody change the tape on your cameras. It's August and it's time.

I felt chatty. :)

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