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July 07, 2018



I'm still wearing black. And blinged out flip-flops, hopefully on both feet. I know it's been cleared with the bride, but if black is problematic I have pink. Just need matching blinged out flip-flops.


The bride doesn't appear to care what anyone wears. Except the bridesmaids. They have to wear green, cover their butts and keep the lady parts covered. All of 'em. And me. She cares about me. She cares about what I wear specifically. She cares about the length and color of my hair and the way I wear my makeup. But she doesn't actually come right out and say it until it's not right. I'm in full FU mode. Finally. That poor child. I'm going to drop her at the door and run like hell. There is a 98% chance that not a damn person in that space will notice (you'll be with me and Elizabeth's attention will be where it's supposed to be, on her sister).

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