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August 24, 2018



Don't forget the dog. She is going to be brokenhearted.


Reality for the dog comes Monday when I leave at 5:30 and don't return until Tuesday at 7:30. PM.


Mike will let her out twice a day but they are going to be long days and long nights while I'm gone. Those visits and the Tuesday nights in the middle where she gets the same (almost) two+ hours Elizabeth used to get, sort of like a mom booster mid-week are going to be the only human contact she has until the days when I'm remote again. It's not all that terrible when you think it through - I really just have 5 nights a month at the Hanover Marriott but it sure does feel a lot longer.

This is when she's going to hope and hope and hope and then cry for days when I come back home and we'll do it all over again until the kid comes home in about six weeks and I can't even look at that poor dog right now without feeling just awful.

But the alternative is worse I think.

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