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November 21, 2018



I've never had an issue with altitude, I am currently living at 5K'. Then again I've not gone above 9K'. I should try it just to see.


Shadow - I've been meaning to get back here since you commented and THAT hasn't happened :(

5k should be just fine. I think that's the threshold. I'd have to look it up to see what I actually did but the first time I went to the Grand Canyon I had a 12 hour window between hotel checkout and flight take off. I took my rental which was a Metro Geo which had exactly 5 miles on it when I drove it out of the lot - and this was long enough ago when it was still a really good idea to drive those things no faster than 55 or 60 mph for the first 500 miles and I SWEAR that thing only had 3 cylinders but I'd have to look that up also (maybe this was 1992?) - anyway, I decided to drive to the Grand Canyon up through Sedona and Flagstaff because that's what I do. I don't even think I had a map although you don't really need a map if you're used to getting places at 2 AM with mostly unintelligible directions from exhausted rental car people. I made the drive north via Oak Creek Canyon and Sedona and stopped a while to photograph that incredible rock and refill a vehicle that was already suggesting I adjust a carb that shouldn't need it. There is no whipping around switch back so that drive, including the stops took about 6 hours. That isn't enough time to do any sort of acclimating. When I got out of the car it was no longer 110 F, it was maybe 68 and I needed the sweatshirt. I was only there for an hour. I spent the entire hour on Mather Point. If my head hurt I didn't notice. I was too busy managing every other emotion you might expect. I drove out on 17 at 85 mph and I think I made that drive in 3 hours, returned the car with an apology about the state of the engine and got on my flight. There was a total eclipse of the moon that night, right out my left window. It followed me all the way down 17. Coolest thing ever.

Ah, crap. I just looked it up. The altitude at Mather Point is only 7k. However, that is just short of the 8k that did me in Dec 2015 when I arrived at 8k in Avon, CO. They sell little oxygen canisters there but I didn't get my hands on them in time and had to sleep off a migraine with ambien (THAT was not so good) before I could hit the 11k peak to ski and skiing is an altitude hit and run.

Go climb something. It will be fun. :) I am going to do an in and out in the Canyon sooner rather than later. It will take me a lot longer than my sister in law who ran it down and up in 24 hours.


Hit me up when you are out here. I'll run (drive?) shuttle so that you only have to go one direction. I'm assuming you will do a Rim to Rim? If down and back to the South Rim I'll still drive up and meet up.

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