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December 22, 2018



I want to say it is good to read you again, which it is. I'm sorry there is so much going on with little cooperation. Let them have the consequences of not following through. Do your stuff. If they run out of money, food doesn't show up, their stuff doesn't get moved, make it on them. Here, charity places pick up if things are left on the porch. Maybe say anything not out by Date gets donated. And do it. But, I don't have kids, and I've moved a lot.


Another thought I have, paid movers. For just money strong guys will show up when they say they will, will follow your directions without giving judgement or crap, and will move your stuff from the house to the moving van. If you also get a storage unit they will repeat the process into the storage unit. All you have to do is point. And pay. It is how I intend to handle my moves from now on.
Mom did it, and it was wonderful.
Here in Phoenix I think it was $100/hr for 2 guys. Probably more out there.


What she /\ said. Both times. Hang in there. Hang on.

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