Didn't expect That
Lenny Bruce is not afraid

The screaming started at 9:52

Where it is now

What It Is 


  1. Late Term Abortion is a political construct. Technically it doesn't exist
  2. It is nearly impossible to find statistics on something called Late Pregnancy Termination
    1. Think of it like protecting a whistle blower or an entire herd of them from a lynch mob
    2. Think, Shirley Jackson; pretty much anything she's published  
  3. It is nearly impossible to define Late Pregnancy Termination although every one of us can find at least one article from a respectable publishing entity that supports our very clear definitions and beliefs; the ones we live and die by
  4. The Federal Government is pushing to define Late Term Abortion as anything past 14 weeks
    1. This is where I blow out a couple of vocal chords and rethink my current stance on gun control
  5. A Late Pregnancy Termination is generally defined as having passed into the state of viability which is not 20 weeks. Currently it is 24 weeks and even that's dicey
  6. Late Pregnancy Terminations are tragic at their very nature
  7. 90% of the voting population hasn't one single accurate clue, but that voting population has swallowed a whole lotta crap. That, in its very nature is tragic (pulled that number out of my ass. but what if I'm right?!)
  8. Supposition: If I were to compare, side by side, the names of the US Citizens who are firm in their stand for the Death Penalty, sorted them by last and then first names, lined them up side by side, I might have a 75% match. Supposition. If I took that completely groundless and un-researched (anybody picking up the sarcasm?) data and lined it up with NRA members...should probably stop there but maybe you get the point. Maybe 

I only picked that because it's the topic, abortion in general, that keeps me out of rallies of any sort. It's been suggested that use of a deadly weapon is a felony as is attempted murder and believe it or not, on purpose murder. I should also point out that the deadly weapon would probably be a 2x4. 

Here are the two primary responses I hear about abortion in general but we'll stick with Late Pregnancy Termination. I apologize in advance for the language as well as the use of a word or words which are no longer permissible for damn good reason. 

  1. O.M.G! That fucking cunt bag slut will burn in hell! I hope she dies in the process. I hope she gets the electric chair. (you really can't make this shit up)
  2. Jesus H. Christ, that poor family. What the hell happened? Can I do anything? What do they need?

Numbers 1 and 2 are the extremes on a scale of 1 to 10 but they aren't so different from the woman who didn't seem to see anything wrong with flags and memorials from the Civil war remaining exactly where they were and the man who screamed SLAVER!!! At the top of his metaphorical lungs because he no shit could not take it one more second. Personally, I'm ready to burn those flags, every one of them. My empathy ran out a while ago but I haven't quite gotten to the extreme. 

Irrelevant. Today.

Elizabeth had been in Albany to testify at an Education hearing. She left NYC at 6 AM with a busload of Hunter students, returned at 8:30 PM, caught the southbound 8:58, and located her mother's vehicle in a dark rainy parking lot at 9:53.

MOM! Stop that! We're going to get arrested!

MOM! Maybe you should pull over, there are cops everywhere tonight.

(there is always a strong police presence at the Chappaqua station at night)

Elizabeth, I'm driving in a straight line at 5 mph which more than meets the requirement at this station.

You're scaring me.

I'm not screaming. I'm just crying.

But I could hear you screaming, that's how I found you. 

I should have just turned the radio off when I got in the car. It was set at the local NPR station when I started the engine and so I guess I got the punchline in the car. 

The radio was still on, but at very low volume. She reached over and turned it off.

Mom. I think you've had enough. 

This, as it turns out, isn't necessarily true. While I missed what I think of as the Rush Limbaugh debacle, I also missed Nancy Pelosi shredding a document I would have incinerated on the White House steps. I missed the look on her face but I saw it later. She's been so thoroughly trashed, I've finally found the humor. She couldn't come close to his everyday demeanor if she tried. But you know, she's a fucking cunt bag slut and will burn in hell. So there's that.

But Elizabeth was right. I'd had too much. I did, however, have a list of shit to fact check. If I'm going to start screaming, I guess I'd better check my facts.

Where to get facts. That's a hard one because there are very few sources that directly track what we have and what we have not done at a governmental level. We publish the things we believe to be true and we publish the things we wish to be true. We listen to and read the things which support our already existing beliefs. Even when we believe we are reading something from an uncomfortable to us source, we are lying to ourselves. 

In all seriousness, I have a really hard time even looking at the Fox News logo.

There is one place you can go which is still in the public domain. I'm not sure it hasn't been doctored but it's got a shit ton of information which is far more relevant than anything else. Why? 

Because Gov'ment. That's why. We are still required to put a lot of that shit up in the public domain. I'm going to guess no more than .001% of the population even knows it's there. I put journalists and editors in another category. Many of them do know it's there. But.

I did know about the statistical government databases because as soon as I heard they were being pulled offline, I started pulling them down. I don't know that we'll ever see the full detail of the EPA reports again. I believe the same of the space statistics. I believe this because having taken, ostensibly, the same data dumps two years apart, the second was significantly smaller. I gave up after a dozen retries. 

I hadn't, in my life, even considered looking for details of our federal fiscal budget. 

Well, it's out there. It's out there and I have it. It's out there and there's a whole lot of other things out there too. I'm pretty sure I can still get the bills that made it all the way through with their addendum attached and bills which did not. I'm betting I can still get extensive senatorial detail right down to how many votes you did not bother to show up for and your voting history in total. 

Not having the extensive free time I might have expected, I haven't read a whole lot of it yet. There was a thing that jumped out and slapped me across the face, so I looked at that. 

I haven't pulled this together from the FY2020 budget yet, and also, this is FY2018 but I'm kind of thinking it won't have been cut much.

From The Facts of on Medicare Spending and Financing - Published August 20, 2019

21 percent

Our economy looks AWSOME! I'm assuming that the 21% of our national budget is indeed going to American Citizens who are either disabled, retired, or children (CHIP). 

That 24% makes me super nervous though. At almost one quarter of our national budget, Social Security is failing rapidly. There are more reasons for the rapid decline than just the number of boomers leaving the workplace (look 'em up, I'm not a publishing source).

I think I just realized why the definition of boomers was changed (anybody notice that?). If those of us who were the start of Gen X have been pushed back into the generation with fathers/grandfathers having fought the great and righteous war, then the boomers are still working.

Also, will continue to work far longer than our parents, the original boomers. That or weather proof your cardboard box.

If I published the percentage of my paycheck, or even the dollar amount, that went into the Red, Dark Blue, and Medium Blue pie slices it would I'd most likely start screaming again. 

I believe very strongly in those three boxes but I'm getting REALLY tired of being called a Socialist for it. I do understand that Social Security is an entitlement but it is not an entitlement the way we think of that word today. It is an entitlement because I put 50k into those funds in 2016. That was a self employed year. Figure it out. I almost hit the 50% (overall) tax bracket AND that was a year I could still write off my mortgage interest and property taxes.  

Listen Up: If any of you believe the numbers in the paragraph above come anywhere near the 2% or 5% even bucket, look up the tax laws. Once you've got those numbers you can work backwards. Once you have those numbers do this:

APPLY THE COST OF LIVING FACTOR. You all know what that is. It's the cost of gas, the cost of a loaf of bread, a gallon of milk, rent on a 1200 square foot apartment (I'm laughing so hard I just choked), the median cost of an actual mortgaged home price, the price of public transportation, oh hell, there's a whole list but it is a factor. Yes, yes my net hourly bill rate fell on the floor that year.

Ah, for 2016 the COL Factor should be obtained from Weston, CT or from Southern Fairfield County if you can't get that close (but you should).

You know, the place with the house I left behind after 13 years. 

So I get cranky about some things. I might not be so cranky if I didn't feel so god damned cunt punched. 

So that's it. Just examples. Scariness is knowing how much more is under the rug of this tired-assed fifty-five year old workhorse.

And hey, peeps, has ANYONE out there read about how Senator Sanders intends to get insurance for all? Anyone?!

I'm asking because if people were reading about it there would be a shit storm of very specific screaming. I'm just gonna give you two. I refuse to be responsible for brain splatter; but do click the link, even if you just read the big words. It gets better. Or worse. Depending on how much money you do or do not make. 

The easy stuff:

4% increase in payroll tax - employee

7% increase in payroll tax - employer

Dooooo the math.

And you call me a Socialist. 

Truth? I'm good with that up there. Truth? I'm Socialist as shit but if you call me a Libtard one more time, I'm going to sucker punch you so hard you won't get up for a week. Because. 

This was as far as I got but you get the point. Apologies to Irving Berlin and Kate Smith (Kate, what did you DO?!)

God Bless the Governments 

God bless the Bailouts, banks that we love
Stand beside them and ride them
Through the ups and the downs of the DOW
Corporate looting, crash and burning

Mendacious maws white with foam
God bless the upper crust and their sweet homes
God bless the super PACs, with which we run
It’s collective… obligation
Through the night with the light down below

OK, I'm done now. This is better anyway:

What It Is - Mark Knopfler

"...There's frost on the graves and the monuments
But the taverns are warm in town
People curse the government
And shovel hot food down
The lights are out in city hall
The castle and the keep
The moon shines down upon it all
The legless and asleep
And it's cold on the tollgate
With the wagons creeping through..."

The drinking dens are spilling out
There's staggering in the square
There's lads and lasses falling about
And a crackling in the air
Down around the dungeon doors
The shelters and the queues
Everybody's looking for
Somebody's arms to fall into
And it's what it is
It's what it is now
There's frost on the graves and the monuments
But the taverns are warm in town
People curse the government
And shovel hot food down
The lights are out in city hall
The castle and the keep
The moon shines down upon it all
The legless and asleep
And it's cold on the tollgate
With the wagons creeping through
Cold on the tollgate
God knows what I could do with you
And it's what it is
It's what it is now
The garrison sleeps in the citadel
With the ghosts and the ancient stones
High up on the parapet
A Scottish piper stands alone
And high on the wind
The highland drums begin to roll
And something from the past just comes
And stares into my soul
And it's cold on the tollgate
With the Caledonian blues
Cold on the tollgate
God knows what I could do with you
And it's what it is
It's what it is now
What it is
It's what it is now
There's a chink of light, there's a burning wick
There's a lantern in the tower
Wee willie winkie with a candlestick
Still writing songs in the wee wee hours
On Charlotte Street
I take A walking stick from my hotel
The ghost of Dirty Dick
Is still in search of little nell
And it's what it is
It's what it is now
Oh, it's what it is
What it is now