Subletting the illegal basement apartment
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Timeline for a Zoom Thanksgiving with Arlo, always with Arlo


Why? Why is this here? Because I'm a geek and you need to witness some obsessive compulsive shit. 

The vegan chocolate cake recipe has been cut in half because I can't pass it through the screen. I did not include frosting. It's perfect as it is. Trust me on this one. Cough. One other thing. This recipe is for real, but if that avocado isn't mashed to a smooth pulp... ick. Why vegan? Because it's better than any other chocolate cake I've ever baked or eaten. You want moist? It's practically raining moist. 

Yeah. I hate that word too. 

Oh. Why today? Because we don't celebrate Thanksgiving as a family on Thursdays; too complicated. We have Friday Feast Day instead. This year we are grateful to be alive. 



Sing along with the Jefferies-Mancinelli-Moody-McCarthy Family. A family tradition since 1986, the year of the first baby.