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American Civics


This is a Well Regulated Militia. This is our well regulated militia. This is it; our first and last line of military defense on American Soil. The Marines will not be joining this party.

If you get to know them, even a little bit, you're bound to feel at least some small amount of American pride. How could you not? These are the men and women sworn to keep us safe and when commanded, they have a reasonable track record. Until commanded, they are United States citizens, just like you, and me, and hopefully you -> over there, if you can ever get approval to proceed. 

It wasn't until I saw the inside of the Capitol building having been turned into temporary barracks, that I really understood who these men and women are. There are other photographs and videos intent on driving home the sheer force of man and firepower. There is a soldier with a firearm strapped to his leg. He is sleeping. My first thought was: I surely do hope this is a well secured enclosure because, how hard could it be to slip that thing right out of its holster and keep on moving. I don't know. What I do know is I'm meant to think about that. 

This opens up a can of worms, but to be honest, I'm going to assume that soldier is military alert and you're not taking his weapon without losing your hands and possibly face. That's my truth about the military and I'm sticking with it until presented with compelling evidence of stupidity. 

He's not stupid. He's ready, he's well-trained, he's disciplined, and above all else, he is well-regulated.

That means he follows orders. 

Let that sink in.

There is a massive difference between a Well Regulated Militia and this:


This is not a Militia, well regulated or otherwise. It may call itself a militia, I can call myself a militia of one if I'm so inclined, but that does not make it so. This is an aggregate which has yet to prove it is even an organized aggregate with clear focus and commitment. More likely it is a bunch of well-triggered people with weapons and various shades of personal intent. That isn't a militia. It's a mob. It's live grenade without a pin (could somebody PLEASE FIND THE FUCKING PIN BECAUSE MY THUMB IS NUMB). It's an avalanche, a powder keg, an insurrection ready to go off, fueled by raw emotion.

All that cortisol trapped in all those brains. It's a shit show in there. Critical thinking trickles into the gutter under those conditions, and man, you can trigger a person in ways they and you cannot imagine when that shit show is playing on repeat. Eventually all it takes are a couple of key words and nothing else matters. The power behind the word-triggers is directly proportional to the perceived power of the speaker. 

Jim Jones - November 18, 1978. 914 people voluntarily terminated themselves. 304 of them were children, ostensibly terminated by an adult? That man had some powerful words and nearly 1,000 got triggered and stayed that way. If you want to know what came first, have a look. It's all right there (google 'jonestown')

The Circular Complications of the United States Government

Two things: 

  1. Our government looks like a rat's nest of warrens, turns, dead ends, inaccurate signs point that way, not this way, broken links, and a fair bit of rage. It all sits rather firmly on top of the constitution, which is not complicated, assuming you can read at a fourth grade level. That's not a joke.
  2. As Americans, what, exactly, do we know or even think about? If we paid attention in fifth grade civics, we know there are three arms of the government and a series of checks and balances. We don't learn much, if anything, about the Department of Defense. 

I learned what an SLA was the first time I worked for a software company. SLA - Service Level Agreement that states the maximum amount of time you, the customer, have to wait before I, the vendor, respond. 

I find it impossible to believe that we do not have an SLA for boots on the ground on American Soil. The Capitol and Wall Street. Take out either and you've got two very different and immediate threats. 

I wrote this up yesterday in order to remove the politics, current questions about the insurrection on January 6, and defensive responses about the National Guard. If you can't clear your mind of those three things, you need to close this browser. 


9 AM: Congress is in session. Both the Senate and House floors are full. The President and Vice President of the United States are somewhere in the West Wing.

9:30: A massive bomb ignites the Senate floor. Everybody came to work that day; 100 senators plus, plus, plus, are either dead and or immobilized. It's hard to see through the cloud of smoke. There is no sign of the secret service and the capitol police is in chaos because

9:45: A second bomb lights the House on fire. Shots are fired.

9:59: The Supreme Court building is in flames. No police in sight and communications are down.

Sixty minutes. 

Technically this could happen in under ten minutes, but I'm going to buy us some time.

We don't know who it is. We can't see any of our own police. We can't talk to anyone. All we know is our capitol is on fire. The news feed is still securely tethered to a gps blip and we watch in horror for hours and hours and hours. 

4 PM: The DC National Guard is on the ground. 

4:30: The VA National Guard crosses the bridge.

5 PM: The Pentagon is breeched. 


We don't know why the DCNG arrived a full 6.5 hours after the first bomb. It makes no sense at all and nobody's talking because we're looking for any remaining bits and parts of our leaders. We might not like them very much, but we sure do need them. 

The Question

Without questioning the competence of any one group or body, or the state of our national defense budget as it applies to the ND, what time:

What time in your opinion, should the DC NG have arrived? What does your inherent belief system tell you?

How many hours until help arrives? 

That's the question that is lost right now. That question is the root of all others and we're working from the top down. How, as an American can you possibly cast an informed vote that affects military spending until you know how it affects you? How can you scream at me about what you want want want right this fucking second without understanding the consequences of shifting the budget?

I'm not telling you you can't have what you want. I'm telling you you haven't a leg to stand on until you can see the push and pull. 

I feel like, every time something like this happens we say:

Oh. I didn't think of that. 

Well, no shit. 

And by the way, people. Please. We never see it coming. Get past that. 

****why are our officers not authorized to shoot to kill when our capitol is breeched? This is your country. You OK with that? You OK with any of this?

Hey. If I don't know the SLA for the DCNG, like in writing, people, then I don't know which questions to ask first. None of those questions have anything to do with how well the DCNG responded. I'm assuming they are a well-regulated militia. Therefore, the four hours is not on them.

Are we clear on that point?