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a pile of skydivers 1970-something or other - before the world moved on This is for my friend Billy, who I've loved longer than I can remember. As a little kid, I loved him passionately, fiercely; the man was walking... Read more →

"If you were an enthusiastic Donald Trump supporter, are you ready to enter a re-education program?" America, It's Time for 'Unity' - or Else Gerard Baker, WSJ - Jan 25, 2021 NOTE: the content of this article is posted without... Read more →

Ni una mas (Not one more) - Maria Ezcurra I was thinking about this a couple of weeks ago. Pantyhose, how many women around the globe have shoved them into the back of a drawer and how long before they... Read more →

From the ACT UP funeral march carrying the body of Mark L. Fisher from Judson Memorial Church up Sixth Avenue to the Republican National Committee headquarters on the eve of the presidential election, 1992. Stephen Barker Where were you in... Read more →

I was a grubby little drop zone rugrat; self-sufficient by necessity, until there was no other way to be. Therefore, my words were my words, and my thoughts my own. Stuff happens when you don't censor little kids. Maybe you... Read more →

This is a Well Regulated Militia. This is our well regulated militia. This is it; our first and last line of military defense on American Soil. The Marines will not be joining this party. If you get to know them,... Read more →

We migrated south from New England, down to the Badlands of Fairfield County. Technically still New England by virtue of the nearly invisible line separating it from Westchester County, New England it was not. I'd never stayed in any one... Read more →

I think this might be the most honest photograph of me, ever. I remember Joe set the camera on a table, messed about for a bit, and then set the timer. This was us in 1984. I was twenty, he... Read more →