Margaret's Children
Option 3

The long stroke of G...


David Kaynor died on the 1st of June and six days later I took Elizabeth's violin from its case and in its place returned a fiddle. Less than 24 hours ago I did the unthinkable and broke my heart, and the mountains in front of me say if I'm lucky and true it will always be so. In his lifetime, David Kaynor moved mountains, built bridges, communities, opened doors, and in the process did the unspeakable. He said this:

'Of course you can, come right in. When I am in this space, music and dance have no denomination, no exclusion, and also, yes you can. Don't worry, I'll show you.' 

This remains, this inclusion, commitment, and belief. This is his legacy and I had it in my pocket and then it was in the long stroke of G... for which I've waited all my life.