Coyotes in the Round


Serious cat

Lolspeak, circa 2007 (at least on this site), a child of O RLY? And also, I can has Cheezburger ? Ultimately, there was Serious Cat (above) and we probably should have stopped there.

Eventually it went away; at least its no longer in any of my feeds, and that's a good thing. Cheezburger Cats can't live forever.


That was my 56 word explanation for the title of this post. At least a handful of you are cringing; one or two cringed at the title. Hey, it's early and I gave up caffeine two weeks ago. I'm well past the headaches and lust; I'm starting to wake up like a normal person again, but I do miss it. Also, there was an excellent reason. I'm just as fond as anyone of a nice vibrato, but not when it's chemically induced. I did it for my right hand on the fiddle bow.

For any of you smart enough to have forgotten: 

OHai        definition: Oh, hi
Type         American (Global?) Slang


So, hi. Nice to see you, How's the partner, kid, dog, cat, hedgehog, cow? I'm doing OK and the kids are fine, best I can tell. 

Thirty-five years ago, a thing called Hyperfocus (yup, it's a thing) would have been left just as it is: the ability to focus with great intensity for long periods of time. That falls under the ADD heading these days. It's not in the DSM 5 as a symptom of ADHD or ADD but there are all kinds are articles out there suggesting how to break your kid of the habit. 

Bad idea. 

How do you think a neurosurgeon manages to be who they are and also not kill you when the top of your head's been temporarily removed? Microbiologists, anyone? I got a whole long list. My point is this, we've identified a thing and turned it into a problem that needs fixing. I'm waiting for the mental health label to be slapped on it so hard that neurosurgeons will become an endangered species. You think I'm joking?.

THAT was by way of explaining where I've been lately. I'm on version 5 of a book currently titled 'The Glass Floor, a love story' and the really good news is I haven't stopped yet which means I might actually get to a final product. Assuming I can find an agent, there will be more of that.

Speaking of versions, I'm doing a piss poor job keeping them up to date on the Glass Floor site. Things started changing way too fast.

SM - I did get the timeline worked out after I finished the book. Turned out to be a few minor shifts.  I've also decided I don't need to explain why Frank III's brother wants to eat him. He just does. 

Doc says, "Look! Recovery!" and I say, yeah, you know what? The last time I could do that for an extended period of time (months and months) was in 2011 which is when my brain started to melt. After that, it was brute force followed by white noise.


I'm still having a hard time forgiving myself for not being on my feet and fully established in the workplace, but it's not keeping me up nights.

So that's it, just hello and the state of the union :)