I don't care what I think, brute force is not sustainable
Just Right and possibly Agile

Addendum: I might have been wrong about brute force...

I wish I had a photograph. Maybe I'll insert one later because it's bound to happen again. 

Before I even connected to the client's desktop, I removed my fiddle and bow, pushed the case to the other side of the bed and got on with the tuning and rosining business. I played the open strings, ran up and down the scales and called it good.

I put it back down on the bed, turned toward my desk, and decided that wasn't enough. I worked through the first part of Old Joe Clarke and then the rest. I didn't want to put it down, but I did.

I logged in and went to work. 


The metaphor of the week is this:

I uncoupled the firehose from the workstation, turned 45 degrees to the right and recoupled it to the fiddle.  Twenty minutes later I reversed the process. I managed to do this three times yesterday which got me a little more than an hour of perfectly relaxed practice. No anxiety. 

As far as results go, I'll take them, and today is a much, much bigger day. Aren't they always?