Rain in the mountains
Ski it if you can

Day 4 of week 5 in the Cloud


Everybody knew the truth going in. No surprises, right? Most of the time there are surprises and sometimes the results are cataclysmic. This is one of the rare times although I'm not sure I trust it implicitly. That's OK. I trust it enough to keep going.

It's a short term contract, ten weeks start to finish except I started on week four and wasn't productive until week six. I had a virtual desktop with enough power to run MS Word and Excel which is a marathon away from development in the Cloud. This left four weeks to accomplish ten weeks of work and that's a four week sprint or a missed deadline.

Worst part is this: that four week deadline isn't mine, I'm just the last minute assist which does not change my relationship with the deadline. I still own it. 

This is me taking a breath and taking stock.

I've learned a lot. I've been passed over for several PM contracts because I've never worked with these products (or any, really) in the Cloud. I know enough Python to identify it and run like hell (turns out it's really not so bad). I have expectations of a product I've had my hands in since 1998 and it is not behaving as expected. Things change. I'm still irritated.

For any of you dinosaurs, Alteryx is the grownup HAL; the mappings and joins and the pivots and output and the editing done on the fly. Miraculous. 

And I'm so very, very tired. 

Which brings us to the bear face down on a super fluffy, tremendously warm duvet. Why is the bear face down on the bed? Because he's been mauled for the first time since Elizabeth did more than throw him off the bed at the end of the night. I don't know when she stopped mauling him. Kids generally let go. I let go at twenty-four when I passed him to Mike. After passing from Mike to Lucia to Elizabeth, he came back to me at the end of May and he sat. 

He sat on the bookshelf and he sat on the bed and for awhile he got himself tangled up in the artwork which is stored under the bed.


One night toward the end of October, I just couldn't sleep. It was one of those nights when you're dog tired, too tired to sleep through the night. I remember grabbing the bear. I expected that to last exactly three seconds. This might have been 2 AM. At 5:30, when I'm supposed to wake up, I woke up with the bear still clutched in my arms, right up against my chest. 

That's Lizard brain comfort and it works. 


I'm late-ish this morning. I've not logged on at 4:30 or 5. I'll connect at 7:30 and take another breath.

Maybe today will be the day Python runs as instructed (which translates to: maybe today will be the day that Heather figures out what the hell needs to be fixed).

It could happen.