An Empty Rocking Chair
Day 4 of week 5 in the Cloud

Rain in the mountains


I can't show you rain in the mountains at 4:46 in the morning because I don't know what I've done with the charger for my D80 and my phone has padded its resume. 

I'm not looking at it either; I'm sitting in the upper woodshed trying to wake up and it sounds wonderful (the rain) until I remember the compost at the back door and the compost heap that I moved 1200 feet from the house at the end of July when the bear made it perfectly clear that what once was ours was now officially his. 

The contents of the compost bin, which we believed to be ours until he annihilated the last of the three, were transferred by wheelbarrow to a bit of forest at the edge of the meadow.

Transformation: A Bear Buffet. What he doesn't eat gets turned and turned again and we have the deepest, darkest soil I've ever seen. Granted, I still have to toss back the avocado skins and pits and re-crush the eggshells but that's the nature of the kitchen heap. 

Lately, the bear has stopped coming. No more fresh scat in the morning and whatever else has been helping itself has moved on. The weekly, or twice weekly offering remains unmolested and I find that I'm marginally offended. It's perfectly good compost, dammit! Get out of your bear bed and partake!

Throw another handful of straw on top and move on.


I tell myself that 4:46 is still 5:46 but that stopped being true last Wednesday. The cold hard fact is that I'm going to login to a virtual desktop, and from there, a second VDI, and from there a Citrix environment, and one last stop at a mess of data that needs to be reconciled before 7:50 which is when I leave for my fiddle lesson. It is Wednesday, right? 


The sound of the rain says, go back to sleep but the truck load of fresh air says, get thee to thy workstation, data wench! 

The workstation beats the nunnery hands down and I'm off.