It Was Easier Then.
In This Amazing Light

Universal United House of Prayer


I can't help but wonder, based on the above image, if Jesus is ready to throw in the towel and return to the desert. Is that facepalm an indication of disbelief or surrender? The cacophony of prayers got old a long time ago. 

I had to look this up; I didn't recognize the statue and I'm still sort of speechless as to its location and purpose and this wasn't how I meant to begin. However.

Oklahoma, April 19, 1995, Timothy McVeigh - and he used explosives, not firearms, as has been repeatedly pointed out for nearly 30 years. 

Your point?


If I were God, which I am not because I wouldn't take the job if you held a gun to my head, I'd be pissed as shit about the ejaculation of prayers lobbed over the horizon and quickly forgotten. It's kind of like bringing a casserole to a neighbor in the wake of tragedy. Suddenly the refrigerator is packed with food they probably can't eat anyway and thirty days later that family is alone. 

Sixty days later, depending on how badly the community's been inconvenienced by the reminders, they are ostracized. 

Ninety days later, they are isolated and forgotten. 

A long time later, when the tragedy repeats itself, we make it an untruth, a fallacy, it never happened, or it didn't happen like that. We clench our collective jaws and arm parishioners. 

you know who you are, and YES, I am talking to you

If I were God (which I am not because no one has asked and I wouldn't anyway), I would drop my halo in the gutter, move to Tibet, and wrap myself in the anonymity of crimson pulu (look it up).

There would be no smiting. The smiter has to give a damn.


If none of that landed, try this:

None of this is preordained. None of it. The truth of free will cannot exist on the same playing field as the hope and prayer that everything happens for a reason.

Of course it does. It happens because we either make it or allow it to happen. God's got nothin' to do with it; the devil not neither. It's on us, folks, every last bit of it. 

Putting the onus on God, if God feels at all (see Part I of The Holy Bible According to Us), is a cataclysmic abdication, a dereliction of duty, and a notice of terminal cancer.  


Jesus Wept. That's what it's called, that monument to utter helplessness. Jesus Wept and so did I.

God doesn't have a side. Just ask.

Update: less than 48 hours after the event, the AP Press reports conspiracy theories on social media.

May 26, 2022:  ‘Horrifying’ conspiracy theories swirl around Texas shooting