The Perfect Opportunity
A Little Truthiness

October 6, 2022


10/12/2022 update: 

  1. I changed my mind about including photos on posts that get published without a signal boost.
  2. I have furniture. As of this morning I have a sleeper sofa and a green chair. And a broken lamp. I'll take that back to the store eventually. Or I'll epoxy the shade to the lamp for now.  
    1. It's um, inexpensive furniture. That's the best thing I can say about it other than it's here now and it smells funny and that will likely pass.

I haven't been doing a very good job keeping up out here. On the other hand, we closed on the property and I moved to an apartment in Hinesburg. 

I'm still happy with my job. I'm a little strained at the moment, but that will probably pass. I'm still working on escalating a situation while de-amplifying what's going on in my head.


Escalation: Project just went from Yellow to Red (that's bad. very, very bad) and additional development cost just hit us in the face. Not that any of this is a surprise, but still. 


There are no dead babies in the database (although, I'm not sure, at this company, I can continue to legitimately make that assertion).

My apartment looks like a bomb went off. 

In 2018 I purged away 80% of my worldly possessions (admittedly, at least 40% of that shit belonged to my kids)

In 2019 I purged some more.

At the end of 2020, in one final shove, I pushed all but 5% of it over a cliff.

All that was left was contained in 99 square feet of living/working space, a corner of the workroom where my sewing machine and ironing board lived, and a 5x10 storage unit that contained mostly books. At least that's what I told myself.

When I finally got my shit together, in as much as I was capable at the time, and packed myself up, I THOUGHT I'd purged more than I should. As it turns out, I had at least six large bins full of shit that may have had value in another time and place, but have no value in the here and now.

Landfill. Again.

I'm assembling the last chair. I'll pull the table out of storage either today or tomorrow along with the steamer trunk (afraid to even look), the tiny ottoman, and then the books.

So. Many. Boxes. Of. Books.

Don't care. They're my books and they're staying.

I ordered a full size sleeper sofa, a chair, a floor lamp, and a dresser with a mirror. They're all mine. Nobody else's. Not ever. Just mine. 

Maybe by next Wednesday, when they're delivered, I'll have cleared away the wreckage.

Also. I have a bed and I have wifi, so what the hell else do I really need?