The saturation of a moment
Thank you for your trust



Pete's been eating again. During the day he samples small craft batches of chunky cat broth. We've finally agreed on a meal delivery system that works for both of us; I slide two tablespoons of bespoke-goo into his cave, he eats exactly half of it, and I discard the remains ten minutes later. If I let it sit he gets irritated and shoves the bespoke bowl, goo side down, onto the floor. Rinse and repeat four or five times a day and I'm pretty sure he's getting almost enough to maintain his body weight.

At night he eats kibble. Or I have a mouse problem. Or both. At night he empties half the litter box onto the floor. He no longer gives a damn about the vacuum cleaner. 

On Monday that eye comes out and he'll come home with a cone and we'll see what comes next.