Live wires beyond the fade

Riding the Dragon

Dragon Boat

I'm watching my team slog through the final stages of data validation and user acceptance prior to a thrice delayed go live and I'm blasted by the noise. There's very little I can do for them other than track progress, compile documents, and prepare for Schrödinger's Inevitable. It's like having a baby with no medication and very little education. Teach a woman about her body and that shit goes a lot easier and generally much faster. However, put the same educated woman in a perceived unsafe space and no matter how much support you toss into the mix, it's going to get noisy.

Fear is a cold-hearted, often underestimated, carnivorous fiend. Fear cuts its teeth on the bones of warriors. Fear needs a good smack on the snout.

I can't smack fear because it won't sit still, can't be isolated, and wouldn't acknowledge itself if you cornered it like a rat in a cage. I lose sleep over this shit. I don't lose sleep over missed deadlines (OK, maybe a little), but I lose sleep over pain.

I can, however, say I love you. Every single day, at every single stand up, in every single chat, one way or another.  I love you. I don't know if you can, so saying 'yes you can', or, 'you got this', feels like a trap. Maybe? I don't know. But I love you. Every single day, at every single stand up, in every single chat and I've got your back. 

Even when you're breathing fire. Especially when you're breathing fire.

I got your back - NOW GET IT DONE! dammit.