Margaret gave it a sound thwack with her football finger. It bounced off the door, prompting Coop to yell: "Foul Ball! My turn!" She'd given up trying to make him accept that baseball was not the only game played with... Read more →

Frank and Margaret were on their second and third bagels, respectively. Frank had a snout full of scallion cream cheese and poppy seeds between his teeth; grinning like a six year old with a sack of Halloween loot. It was... Read more →

At a Delta Holdings Christmas party, maybe a lot of years ago, Dr. Webb gave Margaret a weather station. She put it on a shelf in the lab where it collected dust and the echoes of Margaret's frustration. While the... Read more →

"...and it's just a box of rain I don't know who put it there, mumble mumble if you need it or leave it if you dare, and it's just a box of rain or a mumble mumble for your hair,... Read more →

Dr. Frank Johnson Evans IV called an all hands meeting at midnight. His 'All Hands' distribution list had two names: CHRISTIE and Margaret Abegg-Thibodeaux. CHRISTIE didn't sleep; midnight was just another stop on the analog clock. Margaret did like to... Read more →

Rachel sat at her desk wondering when, exactly, her baby brother became something she didn't understand. Sometimes the disconnect was extraordinary, as if he'd slipped and let some part of that alien human loose in front of her. The result... Read more →

There is a world in which the earth is created and carried on the back of a turtle. That might be your world, or mine, or the Lenape and Iroquois tribes; it might be entirely its own, but it isn't... Read more →

I think all married people do this; at least that's what I tell myself. No matter how hard we try, we lose bits of ourselves over time. Commitment is a horribly abused word. As with the word, literally, it rarely... Read more →

She came so far, so fast, and neither of us saw it. She saw the things that weren't good enough and I saw the way she caved in on herself every single time she missed the mark. I held my... Read more →