Had it been Matt, the Volvo parked in front of the garage door would have been toast. She killed the engine, leaving the lights on, and got out of the car. Sam was right on her heels. She could hear... Read more →

Frank and Margaret were on their second and third bagels, respectively. Frank had a snout full of scallion cream cheese and poppy seeds between his teeth; grinning like a six year old with a sack of Halloween loot. It was... Read more →

"...and it's just a box of rain I don't know who put it there, mumble mumble if you need it or leave it if you dare, and it's just a box of rain or a mumble mumble for your hair,... Read more →

Dr. Frank Johnson Evans IV called an all hands meeting at midnight. His 'All Hands' distribution list had two names: CHRISTIE and Margaret Abegg-Thibodeaux. CHRISTIE didn't sleep; midnight was just another stop on the analog clock. Margaret did like to... Read more →

"...what's that flower you have on...mmm m m...a faded rose from days gone byyyyyyy yi yi yi yi?" Two fingers massaged the muscle just behind her right ear. "..presents as Occipital Neuralgia; Dr. Evans, are you writing this down?" "Christie,... Read more →

"Who can define 'Unicorn' within the context of microbiology and nanotechnology as directly applied to the field of nanomedicine? Not you, Sam, you sit down and stop bothering the analyst. Good lord, you must be a pain in the ass... Read more →

Dr. Evans put a couple drops of Proparacaine into Matt's already dilated eyes. A while later, he couldn't have said when, there were more drops. Matt barely registered the second event, but events are captured, filed, and ultimately retrievable under... Read more →

American Ophthalmologists was a wholly owned subsidiary of a highly diversified company called Delta Holdings. AO (American Ophthalmologists) was responsible for a single project, code name: Robin's Egg. Delta Holdings ran a stealth brand recognition campaign for nearly three years... Read more →

Matt wanted to turn his desk to the window, but HR smells a breach of protocol like a parent smells a barely lit match on the other side of the house. As documented in the HR Employee Handbook; Section 3,... Read more →

The two people selected to screen the candidate picked the resume apart like a pair of vultures with blood sugar issues. Laura sat across the conference room table with her hands folded. She waited for them to finish before she... Read more →