HALO Application

Note: Do to coronavirus backlog, the average wait time is 300 years. You might want to consider temporarily giving up your place in line for the actively dead or actively dying. Thank you for your patience. -- DMV, Terrestrial Return to Compassion Instructions Read more →

OK, not really.

This would make a great post in the primary feed, except it wouldn't get read. It would get scanned and then the monkey poo sling-fest would be right back up to full tilt. I might bite someone. Biting has not proven helpful, ever. Dammit. Prelude Summer of 1995, a woman... Read more →

Raising Veda Pierce

I suppose we all do it to some extent, but that doesn't lessen the personal impact of having done it twice. The Mildred Pierce story is more a reflection on the pitfalls of raising an entitled child than a story about being stuck in a narcissistic relationship; although, it is... Read more →