Chapter 1: Mayhem

Matt Franklin white knuckled the steering wheel and pursed his lips into the rearview mirror. The garage door was a turd and if it took any longer to open, he was going to asphyxiate on a carbon monoxide and rage cocktail. At the three-quarter mark he slammed the car into... Read more →

Chapter 5: XXX SM

At the beginning of October, ninth grade students were told they'd be participating in 'bring your son or daughter to work week'. Afterward, they'd have one week to turn in a six-hundred-word essay. Sam wrote six-hundred-word essays in her sleep; twenty-five hundred was her current limit. The problem with having... Read more →

Chapter 6: Momma

Laura blew. The team crawled over each other to the other side of the table before Laura accidentally (it would be an accident, right?) severed someone’s carotid artery. None of them had witnessed a Laura explosion, but the speculation had been colorful. Sam, on the other hand, was astonished. In... Read more →